Our Story

I'm a Florida girl and I love living in the Sunshine State. I moved away from home when I was in my early twenties to North Georgia and always found myself missing the salty air of the ocean, the earthy citrus smell of the orange groves, and the way the sun on your face cures just about everything. The idea of this brand started a few years ago when I moved back home, and the goal of sharing what I missed about Florida with others came to life 

Our Name

The best memories are made when you are just trying to figure things out. We feel like we are just Roaming and Rambling. The journey is the best part. This brand celebrates possibilities! Enjoy the Roam and Ramble of life.

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer high quality products produced with the best ingredients in addition to the highest standard of customer service from our team.

About Hope | Owner + CEO

Hello! I am happily married to my elementary school boyfriend. We have 5 daughters, 2 dogs and too many cats. I have a big loving and supportive family that I am very thankful for.

Roam and Ramble is my passion project. I am excited to share it with you!

FOR ME: SELF LOVE LOOKS LIKE... Seeing Live Music and Traveling with My Sweetheart

MY FAVORITE PRODUCT: Lemon + Patchouli Body Bar and Shave Soap. It makes your skin feel amazing and smells like home.

I just love dual purpose, space saving products.